About Us

My name is Rob Grimwood and I am the founder/creator of ATFP. I started writing about American football in 2014 for a friend’s wordpress blog. After taking a year out of writing whilst getting real life stuff in order, i returned as a writer for various outlets including fantasy football 24/7 and the inside zone. I created Across The Fantasy Pond before the 2017 season with the vision of being a major outlet within the UK market. It was always a dream to have my own website with talented writers writing for me and also my very own podcast. Well that dream has come true and heading into 2018 I have a good team of writers in place and a regular podcast that I host alongside one of my best friends in Canada, who coincidentally is the same guy I wrote articles for in ’14. When I am not spending my spare time producing content for the website, I write for Gridiron Experts, a market leader in delivering quality fantasy football content. 

Outside of fantasy football I work as a greenkeeper at a local golf course in Peterborough. I also follow Ice Hockey and Baseball and despite my interest waining, I still follow soccer here in the UK. I recently married my best friend and we are currently in the process of buying our first house! Life is good and hopefully across the fantasy pond will continue to grow so that one day I can make a living within the sports media industry.


If you would like to join our writing team, feel free to send me a DM on twitter @FFBritBaller or e-mail us at acrossthefantasypond@hotmail.com