NFL & College Football: With The Spread betting – Week 1

As a new weekly feature for, a variety of ATFP writers and I will be giving you our “spread pick ’ems” every week for College and NFL games over the entire weekend. We will be using the spread handicap on to come up with a multiple fold bet that you might choose to use in order to try and win some weekend pocket money!

College Picks

Rob Grimwood – @FFBritBaller

Appalachian State -14.5 vs Charlotte

Memphis -6.5 vs Navy


Andy Moore – @AJMoore21: 

Missouri -19.0 vs Wyoming

Clemson -11.5 vs Texas A&M


Josh Deisinger – @sconnieJosh: 

Florida State -33.5 vs Samford

Tennessee -18.0 vs East Tennessee State


6 Fold pays 47/1

$10 bet = $470 win.

NFL Picks

Rob Grimwood – @FFBritBaller

Baltimore Ravens -7.5 vs Buffalo Bills


Andy Moore – @AJMoore21: 

Detroit Lions -6.5 vs New York Jets


Josh Deisinger – @sconnieJosh: 

Baltimore Ravens -7.5 vs Buffalo Bills


Richard King – @ExcelGeek:

LA Rams -4.0 vs Oakland Raiders


Ben Barton @Baron_Barton:

LA Chargers -4.5 vs Kansas City Chiefs


4 fold pays 12.58/1

$10 bet = $125.80 win.

Please gamble responsibly

When the fun stops, stop.

Fun Stops



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