Draft Day Strategies – by Tyler Belawske

There is no definitive way to draft your team to lead you to a victory in a redraft league. Everyone has their favorite way to draft. Whether it’s a no running back strategy, no wide receiver strategy, quarterback and tight end early or late, best available, tiering, homer picks or throw a dart. I’ll keep it simple for you and break down what each of these strategies are.


This is typically a way to draft some of the best wide receivers and possibly a tight end or quarterback in the first four to five rounds before drafting a running back. The advantage to this draft style is to get as many points per reception (PPR) from your receiver position. By adding a top tight end or quarterback you will also be guaranteeing yourself a lot of points each week. Don’t be worried about not getting running backs to start, there are plenty to go around that will give you quality starts. This strategy is great in a PPR league, but not usually for standard.


This is just like the no running back strategy, but you are only drafting running backs in the first four or five rounds. You will also want to add a top QB or TE too, to add to your max amount of points. As mentioned above, don’t be worried about not getting wide receivers because there are plenty that will do right by your starting lineups. This strategy is usually preferred in standard or half point PPR.


NFL: Green Bay Packers at Buffalo Bills
Adopting the “Draft a QB Early Strategy” allows you to target a player like Aaron Rodgers, the consensus top-ranked QB in 2018. (Photo Credit: Kevin Hoffman/USA Today Sports)



The title gives away the drafting style here. If you want to draft a top three or four ateither position you will make that pick in the first three rounds. But, many in the fantasy world have now adopted a new style of drafting these positions. A lot of if has to do with the ADP for a player. This means waiting to draft either position after the seventh round.


After the first two or three rounds the draft will start to thin out, with the big name players being taken. This strategy makes you look at your list of available players and take the next or best player up based on the position you need.


The fantasy industry has taken a turn from best available drafting to tier drafting. How this works is by grouping players into tiers that you will make your selection from. Once that player is drafted out of your tier then you would draft the player that is left in your tier. For example, if you have five WR1’s, group them together and that is tier one. Then, wide receivers, say 6-14, that would be tier two.

I would recommend doing a few mock drafts to test all of these strategies out to see what one works best for you. When you find it, own it and draft your best team to win that championship. Good luck. The drafting and fantasy season is full speed ahead for the coming year.

By Tyler Belawske — @TylerBelawske



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