Fantasy Implications: Marvin Jones vs. Golden Tate – By Tyler Belawske

Picking the right wide receiver can be tricky. Especially when you think the one everyone favors is the number one receiver, but then turns into the number two receiver — and vice versa. For the past two years the fantasy industry has been in love with Detroit Lions wide receivers, Marvin Jones and Golden Tate. Most will say Jones is the number one and Tate is the number two. But, the numbers and ADP will say differently. And, that’s why I am going to break down both players to help you make the best choice for your team. At the end I will tell you who I will be drafting and why.

Marvin Jones

He is fast, he can catch and he is going at a higher ADP than his teammate at 5.09. To me that says he will be the team’s top wideout. But, his numbers suggest otherwise. Last year he put up 61 catches, 1,101 yards, and 9 TD’s. Yes, the touchdowns are nice, but the rest of the numbers are low for a WR1. If you are drafting him late in the fifth round you are most likely taking him as your WR1 or WR2 for your team, depending on your draft style. Those numbers do not support either one of those slots. He would be a solid WR3 or flex option on my team if he fell to me past the sixth round. He runs great routes, goes over the middle and fines the end zone — making him a great number two on his team (but not in fantasy). I will draft him past the seventh round. Stat prediction: 70 catches, 1,050 yards, and 6 TD’s.

Golden Tate

He will be the steal of the draft if you get him at or after his ADP 6.06. For his production last year (92 catches, 1,003 yards, and 5 TD’s) his numbers should go up as the running game still has question marks heading into 2018. His stat line suggests he is the team’s top receiver, but the fantasy community treats him like a WR2. Don’t worry, I will take that feeling all day as I will draft him as my WR3 or flex option after the sixth round and feel satisfied as you take Jones ahead of him the round prior. Tate is fast, he blows past the defenders and is a PPR machine. His touchdowns are lower than Jones, but he makes up with it with the PPR points. Draft him, draft him, draft him and you will not be disappointed. Stat prediction: 105 catches, 1,200 yards, and 10 TD’s.

I will be drafting Tate in every draft that I am in, if he is available. He is the number one guy in Detroit and he should be the number two or flex on your team. He will get you into the playoffs and more. Jones is a good fantasy receiver, but not earlier than the seventh round for me. Jones will get you to the playoffs, but not much more.

by Tyler Belawske – @TylerBelawske


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