Indianapolis Colts Skill Position Review

It was a rough ride for Colt’s fans throughout the 2017 season. The main protagonist was the unpredictability of the injury status of franchise quarterback Andrew Luck. A pre-season trade with New England saw Indianapolis acquire Tom Brady’s understudy Jacoby Brissett who briefly appeared and impressed when filling in for Brady during his suspension in the 2016 campaign. Week 1 saw a dismal opening performance by original starter Scott Tolzien where he only managed 128 yards from 18 attempts, throwing two INT’s in the process. Needless to say, Brissett only had to wait three quarters before being gifted his chance to make the position his own – something he managed to do and somewhere he remained for the rest of the regular season. But despite his young flair, confidence and unquestioned ability, Luck’s presence under center was still an obvious miss. It was always going to be a tough gig for the former NC State signal caller having to lead an offense which is depleted along the offensive line and susceptible to allowing defenses to rush the passer. This was proven throughout the season as we saw the Colts give up the most sacks in the league with 56. Despite this, I wouldn’t say Brissett was bad, not by a long way. He passed the eyeball test once he was able to get going as the season progressed and at times he did flash some excellence. It was the consistency that lacked which is what defined the difference between his inexperience and what the Colts have been used to in the recent past with Luck……

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